Christmas, help!

As the kids get older I find it harder to think of Christmas presents for them. Our apartment is not massive so I really have to think about space, also I don’t like just buying things for the sake of buying. I want to get them gifts that will mean something to them and they will use. I just don’t know what those things are.

My first thought was bikes, Summer is the only one that can ride without stabilizers which I find totally ridiculous but I guess moving to the city where the sidewalks suck and everyone drives, it never calls for cycling much.

Really, I think I would just like to get them a couple of little things each and then spend the big money taking them somewhere exciting. An experience to remember! But Christmas for kids has turned into a shit show of plastic and paper, with the excitement of opening gifts then throwing them aside. Do they really need another box of shopkins or  more toy cars or whatever fad gift is relevant this year?

I’ve been wondering a safe way to teach them about the value of giving, that is a much nicer and more fulfilling way to spend Christmas than receiving an abundance of toys. I’d really like to head down to a soup kitchen or something but I don’t know about having a four year old in that environment is any good or even a thing that is allowed. Also I know that everyone wants to help at this time of year and we would be better doing a homeless charity when volunteers are low mid year. I guess google will be my friend when investigating this.

So how do you all choose Christmas presents? How do you differentiate between what they really want and what they REALLY want? My kids tend to look at catalogues that we get through the door and pick about 10 things on each page. Telling me how cool it is and how they absolutely need a chocolate making kit or they may not survive Christmas. Jeezy, were we all this greedy as kids?

I still remember my favourite present as a kid. I don’t really remember my age, maybe six or seven. I was overjoyed with a cardboard sweet shop that had real sweets. I sat for hours weighing out sweets for everyone that they were not allowed to eat, because then I’d have none left to play with. The sweet shop could not have cost for then a couple of quid, but boy did my mum do well that year! Now it’s about spending as much as you possibly can on the kids. Everyone posts to Instagram and Facebook with their massive piles of presents under the tree on Christmas eve. I feel a bit like it is keeping up with the Joneses and I just couldn’t give a crap about that. I would rather impress my kids with time and an experience.


Since I started writing this blog post, Jacob and I have decided that we are going to go away for Christmas. The kids will get a few little presents as we can’t carry that much then a larger one between them when we get back. While away we will show them the craziness and man made eyesore that is Las Vegas, then move on to Lake Mead in the hope that we can teach them about how Vegas may be fun but it is draining this lake dry. I will come armed with information about what conservation ideas are around and see if they can think of any. From there we’ll move on to the Grand Canyon because who doesn’t want to see metamorphic rock…this will take some good explaining, I’m sure! Then to the Joshua tree for a little hiking and peace. Being a thrifty chick I want to do all this on a budget. Google has already told me a lot of exciting free things to do while on the trip but if anyone has anymore ideas then hit me up. I really want to show these kids everything!





  1. Tughela Gino · December 12, 2016

    Ok- So I am officially Scrooge when it comes to xmas presents and I am getting worse every year- so bare that in mind. I am getting M :the complete cook book by DK (he is so into cooking and its a brilliant book) and to be honest I really would rather just get it from the library but Gabby won’t let me (and I am still arguing with him because he wants to buy him another remote control car. D-I may get her “My first mini green house” .
    F**** keeping up with the Jones’, what are all those stupid people doing how showing off how much damage they are doing to the environment and their kids by not teaching them what is important in life. If you need to keep up with the J’s your are teaching your kids they need to do the same-its a loose loose situation.
    They are gonna get ‘stuff’ from other people, but what they get from you, and why is really important.
    The trip sounds amazing- so brilliant that you are doing it !!!

    And btw I am tempted to buy this for D too
    And these items have been in my basket

    Let me know- if you get any good ideas- how about taking them to a concert and forgetting stuff altogether ?


    • ladyquist · December 12, 2016

      Haha, I have the same hoodie sitting in my cart! I love all your gift ideas, especially the electronic snap circuits. We are thinking of getting them an small electronic drum set between them. Phoenix and Summer both really want to drum. they can do it with head phones on and go crazy. I’ve got them a few little things, mainly books but I think I’m done. Especially now we are gong away, I don’t want to cart things around the place. are you away for Christmas this year? can’t believe it has been a year since you were here!


  2. Tughela Gino · December 12, 2016

    Ooooh – I love the electronic drum kit with headphones idea- have you researched it ??? do you know of a good one ???. We have grandparents asking what to get and it’s M’s birthday !

    We are going to Scotland – looking forward to a break ! Your trip sounds way more brilliant !!!Believe it or not we are still planning on moving , and I will be doing the last of the paperwork over the holidays – so eventually we will get there ! Looking more like San Diego at a the mo !


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