Find your hurricane friends!

I’m back!

Having had a very long summer holiday for WordPress.

Life has to continue, are we not here to fight the downs and love the ups?!

When tragedy ensues, we live and learn!

I am finding out many things about myself and other around me. Who my real friends are, who has the ability to listen and not judge and who can appropriately change the subject to lighten the mood and get a little laugh in.

I am not going to go into details about my trauma, it is mine to bear.

I’d more like to share what I think a woman should mean to another woman.

It is only in the last 10 years that I have really surrounded myself with women, strong, unapologetic women. Women that hold another woman’s friendship close. Women who when the chips are down they’ll take your kids for the day so you can weep, they will bring you grocery shopping, they will hold you and listen to your pain without telling you to stop and get a grip, but also have the ability to tell you to get a grip when you are being crazy.

Moving to L.A took me away from the women that I held dear, the ones that got me through the day when my husband was away for weeks on end. Restarting was painful and exciting but as luck would have it I have found the same type of women here. Women with values and heart.  Unfortunately I have also discovered the kind of woman who is selfish and doesn’t belong to this breed. Like a kind of wild dog that will do anything to rip apart others. Thriving on the pain they cause, just to create a false sense of self worth.

Yes, we need to create our own happiness but will we ever get it if it is at the expense of another?

It’s a question that I have asked myself many times. Watching other peoples behaviour and wondering if it would really get them anywhere. And believe me I have also been a class A bitch in the past but luckily I have become wiser with age and because I had great women by my side to call me on it.

I had a conversation with a friend recently about a situation that she was in in the past and the advice that I gave her. (I actually forgot all about the conversation but was happy to hear that I gave her good advice)…as any real friend should! She asked me what she should do about a man who was married with kids but was being overly friendly to her. My answer was something like…”Don’t be stupid. This is not about you, this is about his ego. You’re not going to be happy and you will cause others so much pain. If he really wants you he will leave his marriage in the correct way, then you give him a chance. If he is not going to do that, then it’s only about him and his selfish needs. Do not go there!!!!” Luckily she took this advice and didn’t go down the road of causing destruction to so many people and throwing her karma scale way out of whack. Would there be any coming back from that? What I am trying to say, is if your friends can’t be frank with you or they sit back and watch as you press the self destruct button or even encourage you to do stupid shit, then are they really your friends? are they really the friends that you want around? or will they even be around when the going gets tough? Everyone has the friends that are around because of your circumstance, maybe the job you do, the people you know, or indeed craziness you give out. These are fair weather friends and play a role in your life but the role is to learn what they are and find your true hurricane friends.

I don’t have to mention names, my hurricane friends know who they are. They know I love and appreciate them. They are new friends and old friends, .they come from all over the world but I know them by they way they treat me. We don’t have to talk every day, indeed some I have not spoken to for years, but they are still there, they will never leave. There is never a  comment about the length of time we have been apart, just an appreciation for the time together. These friends will drop things to help me when I hurt, they welcome my family into their homes so we don’t have to alone, they send me messages for a far just to check in and they will listen endlessly without judgment. I don’t ever wish any pain on them but I know for sure that if something should happen I will have their backs just as they always have mine.

I read a book recently that had some interesting advice. It said the old saying of ‘treat people how you wish to be treated’ is wrong, it should be ‘treat people how they wish to be treated’ meaning you need to understand others around you, that their needs and expectations are may be very different to yours. It rang true to me, if I treat others how I wish to be treated am I not being selfish to my needs and wishes. Should I not think about what they want, how they expect to be spoken to? that culturally they may expect different things?

I guess in the end it’s all about love, respect, friendship and honesty.

To survive this crazy old life you need to have your real, true friends around. Create your tribe, show them they are worth their weight in gold and more.

Peace out hurricane bitches!! 😉 x






  1. Lisa Williams · November 3, 2016

    Great that you are back – I always enjoy reading your blog posts! I too am an ex-pat (ok only UK to The Netherlands, not anything like the miles you have moved) and can really relate to what you have written here. Physically leaving behind some of my closest friends when I made the move was tough, despite only being a one hour flight away. Of course thanks to social media it is easy to stay connected but you also need to forge new relationships too which can be tricky. Like you say, you need different types of friends in your life to meet various needs but it is great to find that all-important ‘tribe’ where you just fit. It takes time and work but so do all the best things in life right?


    • ladyquist · November 3, 2016

      You’re still away, no matter the distance. One hour, eleven, really there is no difference. You still need to start over. There is something about taking yourself out of your comfort zone to really discover who you are! Hope the Netherlands are treating you well!


      • Lisa Williams · November 26, 2016

        Oops, only just saw your reply to my comment! Well after 10 years my hubby and I are still enjoying the city life in Amsterdam so no complaints, The Netherlands suits our life right now but I wouldn’t rule out another move in the future. Sunny California does look appealing!


  2. Tughela Gino · November 3, 2016

    Ok ! So where was that photo taken ? ??? Please do not tell me it’s your regular yoga spot because I am so not gonna be your friend anymore 😉 …and by the way if you never hear from me again after tuesday, its because Trump has won and I have gone off grid. Love the post Tx


    • ladyquist · November 3, 2016

      Hahaha. Nope it was in Greece. Have you voted already?


  3. Tughela Gino · November 3, 2016

    Yep-sent it today had to pay £52 to get it there on time/shouldn’t have left it so late!!!! My sister says everyone is hysterical out there right now and just want it to be over…but then she is in a swings state. How is LA right now ?


    • ladyquist · November 3, 2016

      Truthfully no one is really talking about it(or not to me). Just the occasional “ugh Trump!” comment. Can’t believe it’s so close and the we won’t have Obama soon. Seems like just yesterday he was elected. (Is that age?!)


  4. Sandra · November 4, 2016

    Enjoyed reading this x


  5. G Jessiman · November 15, 2016

    It took me so long to get round to reading this. Another fantastic piece to be honest, probably because it comes from the heart.

    I too have found true great friends since coming home from Holland. They can be counted on when the chips are down, voluntarily! I spent my whole childhood looking for people like this. Non judgemental and open would be the best way to describe them. I also found some true friends while on my travels that will never be forgotten.

    Any time these people call whether for a blether or for something more serious. I will always answer them and hopefully be able to help.

    Take care in the land of eternal sunshine. I hope everything is going great for you and the whole family.
    Love G x


    • ladyquist · November 15, 2016

      Aren’t we lucky! Ha. Sorry I never got to see you in the summer, seems the timings were all off. I do miss bonnie green Scotland! And those few friends I have left there. X


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