101 Fail.

I signed up, through WordPress, to do a blogger’s course. It’s called Bloggers101. The idea is that it will make you better at writing, better at giving the facts and engaging with people. I thought this would be a great idea, especially as I lack time management when it comes to getting things down on the page. Hence the reason that I have been neglecting the blog. They send you a small project to do everyday for two weeks. Giving you something to write and post about. Little by little, you get better and better. Sounds good, huh?!

I was sitting last night thinking it seems to be a long time since I signed up for that ‘101’ so I had a little look through my emails. Lo and behold in some unknown folder there was a week’s work of assignments.

Jeezy, I’m a week behind. Does this mean that I am out of it? Should I bother starting? When will I even have the time? All these other people have been enjoying seven whole days of forum discussions about their completed assignments and until that moment it was an unknown place to me.

Why would Gmail hide such emails from me? Why are they not just there, slap, bang in front of me? Why do they deem certain mail unimportant and put them in the naughty folder? Did I do this to myself? Have I failed to put some setting on or turn some setting off on my account? Have I done something to piss ‘them’ off, or has WordPress done something to piss ‘them’ off?

Either way, I feel like I am being punished by ‘them’. Maybe it is because I opened a Hotmail account all those years ago.


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