Out of touch

I’ve not read a trash mag for so many years. Today while doing a spot of shopping I decided to give one a go. Mainly because I read on the front cover that Chris Martin was getting back together with J Law. I didn’t even know they were gay. I stood wondering if Jude Law and Chris Martin would make a good couple…I guess I could see it. But I do wonder how Gwyneth took the news of her ex. Hey, If they are all happy then why the hell not, huh!

Okay. So, it turns out I am more out of touch than I thought.

Once I had unpacked my shopping and made my cup of tea. I sat my pop culture ignorant ass down and flicked through the pages of my new mag. I realised that I had heard of around 3% of the people on those shiny pages. And yip, J Law was indeed Jennifer Lawrence, Jude and Chris remain hetrosexual…I actually felt slightly deflated by this news. I know I had totally made it up in my own head but I also had them down as a pretty cute couple.

Really, when did I become so out of touch!

…I guess when the whole x-factor/big brother lifestyle come about and it made me puke a little. No one needed to actually have a talent. It was just a race to see who would have sex live on telly first. Yeah, some of them could sing or dance a little but ultimately the ones that win these programs are the ones that can be molded and abused by the powers that be. I didn’t really want to watch or hear about a bunch of performing monkeys.

Since moving to L.A the whole paparazzi thing freaks me out too. I know the celebs need those photographers and photographers need the celebs. Vicious circle and all that. But often, while walking home from Summer’s school we often see ‘the pap hiding behind cars with their big ass camera lenses trying to get a shot that will make them a few dollars. What freaks me out though is that they are watching a kids play area. They are trying to get the best shot of some celebrities kid. As you may be aware, I have no idea how the whole celebrity thing works but. Hey. Asshole.

Leave them kids alone!



  1. Sandra ferguson · April 25, 2015

    Your becoming an American with some of your vocabulary lol xx


    • ladyquist · April 25, 2015

      Sandra, I think it is the auto correct in this computer. If I was more computer literate I would try and put it in UK English…but I am not that good!


  2. Paula Hughes · April 25, 2015

    Using American spellings! I’ll excuse that, for the moment, though, given the post is so sweet and compelling. Don’t misspell again-right?


    • ladyquist · April 25, 2015

      uhg, it’s the new lap top…not me! I keep changing back to UK spelling but some sneak through.


  3. Tughela Gino · April 25, 2015

    I didn’t spot any spelling variations…but I am dyslexic..and American……Anyway that is freaky about the paps (watch Nightcrawler if you can bear it), who cares about being out of touch with that type of pop culture thought ! Thinking of joining this non fiction book club with some Gayhurst mums- current books on the list are ‘Heritic’ and ‘Private Island’ check them out. Maybe you can join the conversation ….on line ?


    • ladyquist · April 25, 2015

      I always use English spelling and this computer highlights it but I turn a blind eye!
      Is Nightcrawler scary?…totally won’t do it if it is. You know that! I’ll have nightmares for weeks!!!


      • Tughela Gino · April 25, 2015

        Its very dark ! But not really scary ! Not a feel good about LA kind of movie !

        Liked by 1 person

      • ladyquist · April 28, 2015

        I’ll look it up!


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