Don’t look back

We are living right next to the L.A River, well I say river, it’s a big storm drain. The one from terminator, when Edward is riding that bike trying not to be caught (not that exact location but it’s all connected huh!?). Anyway, it’s actually a really nice walk for the kids. We take some paper bags from Ralph’s to fill with pine cones which I end up carrying. They then get left on the balcony to rot. I figure we could get lots of them, then spray paint them for Christmas. HAHAHA, who am I kidding, I suck at this sort of stuff but I guess it’s the thought that counts. Esh I hope the kids have forgotten about this idea long before Christmas!

So our nice walk goes like this. Me trying to get three kids’ shoes and jackets on, by time I get one all ready then I move to the next whilst the first one takes everything off while lying on the floor screaming that he or she doesn’t want to go for a walk. After a 20 minute tantrum, I then resort to the “Okay, I’m leaving, see ya all later” which results in everyone running for the door screaming that they want to go out… bloody kids! Actually this fight is reserved for the younger two as Summer pretty much wants to be out all the time.

The river itself is cute, little ducks paddling around. The embankment has obviously had a lot of work done to it over the years with a nice little fish mural, information posts to tell people what plants and animals live in the surrounding area. The kids make me read these and then the rest of the way along the river they inform me every time they see deer grass (it’s everywhere).

There are always a few joggers around, people walking their teeny tiny little pooches and occasionally a man wearing what I think is an all in one chicken outfit, although he is topless. The top half is tied around his waist while the bottom half flaps open and rides low. Luckily he is aware of it riding low so he has a grip of the front, saving us from getting a real eye full. We pass him without the kids taking any notice as they are so busy with ‘who has the biggest stick’. After a little while I take a look back to see that chicken man doesn’t have the same dedication in covering the back as he has to covering the front…why oh why did I look back?


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