A little rebranding

In London, Phoenix was in full time nursery. In L.A he is with me full time. This is for various reasons. It is actually really hard to find an available space in a preschool and they – like London – are not cheap. So for the time being, he is all mine. – In August he will start Pre kindergarden (PK) at the local school. This is a little hard on both of us. He wants friends to play with, I want time to do boring things like washing clothes. Also I used to spend a lot of one-to-one time with Silver. But I think that this will bring us all closer. I hope so anyway!

The great thing about having Phoenix around all the time though is that he really pushes me to be creative. He always wants something made or a book read to him. Sometimes we even make a book, which he can then read to me. Stories of dinosaur machines eating everyone seems to be the best story at the moment. Silver is pretty content pottering around, following whatever anyone else close by is doing.

I guess having limited toys will bring the ‘creative’ out in anyone!

Today we made swords. Big box, cut up and masking tape…bish bash bosh. Our masking tape is not like normal masking tape, it’s zebra print. So Phoenix said “we have to save the Zebras” and away he went to fight evil.

Once the rather fabulous zebra print swords were left lying on the bedroom floor, we decided on a snack. That’s when I realised that Phoenix and I have rebranded our food. I’ve never had a problem getting them to eat. They eat, they make a mess, I smile and wipe down the walls. But grapes have become “nature’s jellybeans” and blueberries “power berries”. I personally, am loving this. Silver has totally picked up on it and is running around screaming for powerberries. How can I refuse? Not sure how long it will last for, they will cotton on to the trickery and demand jellybellys instead.


One comment

  1. Paula Hughes · March 10, 2015

    You are an awesome mama! Now post some pics of the books and, of course, ferociously fabulous Phoenix.


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