Not a feminist?

Some people would think that because I choose to stay at home and look after my children that I am not a feminist but in that sentence is the key word. I CHOOSE to stay at home. I know that when I walk with my husband, we walk side by side. I know that when the day comes, when my children are grown, I will choose a career that fits me, one that I love. I also know that if that career was not one that Jacob agrees with, he will respect my choice.

I watched a huge group of bikers riding up Ventura boulevard this morning from the balcony. I realised that they were all female and that today is International Women’s Day. I’m not the sort of person that follows these things or goes to marches for women’s rights. I just sit, watching from afar, agreeing with everything that other women are fighting for – and benefiting from others’ struggles. Would I be writing this if it were not for someone else’s fight? Would I be telling my husband to change Silver’s nappy or shouting “get your ass through here and set the table” if it were not for someone else’s fight? Would I be freely walking down the street if it was not for someone else’s fight?

I am so not clued up on the history of feminism. Actually, like a lot of women in this part of the world, I take history for granted. I know I’m pretty safe to act however I wish and have a big mouth about any subject. I can drink, I can smoke (if I want to). I can put on my lippy and dance all night. However every once in a while – like today – I think how lucky I am to have this freedom. If you take me out of my world and put me in a place where I can’t dress how I want, or indeed leave my house without a male chaperone, then you take away everything that makes me, me. We’re all human, and all have the right to be equal and not live in fear. I’m thankful that there is an International Women’s Day as it makes me stop and realise how lucky I am and that this is not someone else’s fight. This is for everyone!



  1. Paula Hughes · March 8, 2015


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    • ladyquist · March 9, 2015

      Thanks Paula, I’m finding it hard working my way around wordpress…one day at a time huh!


  2. Cara · March 11, 2015

    Thought you might like this TED talk. The premise that feminism is a gender issue, for both men and women.


    • ladyquist · March 12, 2015

      Cheers Cara, I love TEDtalks. Joss Whedon also gives great talks on this.


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