Where’s my stuff?

As my skin slowly changes to a colour that far more resembles a human being than the pale mottled blue colour that it has been all my life, I begin to think ‘where the hell is my stuff?’ So

I spent the last four months in London selling furniture, packing things into boxes for shipping, being super organised and yet it has not left England. It is sitting in some warehouse gathering mould and collecting the odd spider that will jump out at me when it arrives. That’s assuming it will arrive before our visas run out in 3 years. Although it was really therapeutic and it felt good to go down to a minimal life, enough is enough. It’s been 11 weeks and I want my kids toys!

The reality is though it did feel great but we consume, and like many other parents around we love buying those little monkeys treats, a jigsaw here, a disney toy there. Jeez, does it add up.

I’m thinking that we will need to make a charity shop run before the year is out, considering we came here on the plane with 5 overweight suitcases, that’s crazy!

We have had some things donated to us by people we know, to get us going and make this place feel more like home. The first person to come round with a car full of kids books, cutlery, a kitchen unit, a hair drier…the essentials, was a lady that we met in 2013. The day before we got married. We were on Malibu beach having dinner in a cute restaurant that served the biggest cobb salad known to man, she was the hostess. She gave us tips for living in L.A with kids then her email in case we needed more information and we just kept in touch.

A few days after landing at LAX it was new years eve. we went round to her house and spent a few jet lagged hours trying to keep the kids awake so we may finally hit normal california time. She got the kids making christmas cookies and made us a massive cup of tea. We then all sat around in her beautiful spanish house, with a fire burning, looking at the 5 christmas trees she had up in her living room, all varying sizes and colours. all twinkling away. With the smell of cookies in the air, I was totally happy with the choice we made, it was all pretty damn enchanting, it could also have been the equal part caffeine buzz to spaced out ratio but we will never know, I’m going for enchantment, much more special!


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