First up

Lets get one thing straight, I am not a Lady, well I do have all the lady bits but do I know what’s the correct cutlery to use for every meal in the unlikely event that I end up at a royal banquet…NO! But compared to the late nineties and early noughties then this is as close to a lady as I am going to get.

When I changed from being a crazy bass playing alcoholic to a stay at home mother and wife (in that order) I thought something had to change, I went all earth mother thinking that to do it right meant knowing everything, only eating organic and preaching about breast feeding. However, seven short years later I am seeing that to do it right just means being happy and doing it your own way.

Summer, Phoenix and Silver are my life affirming munchkins, who really know how to push those buttons, I don’t think there is a day gone by that I have not felt every single emotion known to mankind, which is probably why I go to bed so early. The screaming tantrums that happen in this apartment really make me wonder if the neighbours can hear us and if so, being a typical mum I can feel them judging me silently through the walls. But we are a great reminder to them what happens when you procreate. Sometimes laughter that you never want to end, or watching your children sleeping and knowing that you made the best choice ever OR walking into the next room while counting to ten and maybe tugging your hair a little.

This is my journey through the crazy times, a lifeline for those lonely nights, a little wave to those we have just left behind in London when we moved to this big ass city called Los Angeles. I freaking love this place, I also freaking love London and let’s not forget the homeland, beautiful Scotland. Maybe it really is a case of ‘wherever I lay my hat…’


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  1. Paula Hughes · February 28, 2015

    Lady Laura. Good to see you here and r e a l l y looking forward to accompanying (virtual) hand in hand on your kind of fab journey.

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